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Best Reasons to Switch to Xylitol

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that is growing in popularity—even among dentists! What is it about Xylitol that's so appealing?

1. Sugary Sweet - Xylitol has 100% of the sweetness of sucrose (common table sugar) and can be easily substituted at a 1:1 ratio.

2. Dental Health (this is why we especially love it) - Xylitol is indigestible to the bad bacteria in your mouth, which means that they can't produce acid to cause tooth decay. Xylitol actually fights cavities.

3. Doesn't Affect Blood Sugar - Xylitol has virtually no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, so it is a great sugar substitute for diabetics (or anyone, really!).

4. 40% Fewer Calories - While sucrose has 4 cal/g, Xylitol has only 2.5 cal/g. That's nearly half the calories. And in the modern diet, that really adds up.

5. Easily available - With Xylitol sweetener, gum, mints, and candies available online and in stores, improving your dental and overall health can be a simple, seamless,  and delicious transition. Try Xylitol today!

Xylitol has 100% of the sweetness of sucrose, a significantly lower Glycemic Index, and 40% fewer calories.

Glycemic Index describes the effect that a substance has on blood sugar and insulin levels. The effect of Xylitol is virtually unnoticeable.

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