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Best Reasons to Say "Yes" to Fluoride

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

In a world where "fluoride-free" products are becoming more and more popular, why is it important to stay true to the original cavity-fighter?

1. It's Natural

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in the earth's soil, water, and naturally grown foods. It cycles into your body's natural oral health processes and strengthens your tooth's enamel, just the way nature intended.


2. Strengthens Enamel

Fluoride aids your body's natural process of remineralization, which strengthens your tooth's enamel against the decaying effects of bacteria and acid with sugar.


3. It's in your water supply

A good supply of fluoride in the municipal water supply has been shown to decrease oral disease levels in the population. The CDC named community water fluoridation one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century! (See our post on Water Fluoridation for more information.)


4. It benefits those with dry mouth

With dry mouth, teeth are more likely to get a lot of cavities because of the lack of saliva remineralization. Teeth get brittle and are more easily infected by bacteria. Fluoride counteracts all of these effects.


5. It's never been easier!

With new advances in fluoride varnish, there is no waiting period after your appointment for eating and drinking. More convenient AND more effective.


6. Actually fights cavities

Fluoride varnish can actually reverse small cavities through the process of remineralization!


7. Money

Fluoride varnish treatment at the end of your cleaning is $10 at our office. That is far less expensive than having to get a filling or having to deal with cavities in other ways. Get fluoride treatment to save money and live healthier.


Call us today at (916) 774-4499 to schedule your cleaning appointment with one of our experienced, personable hygienists. And remember—say "yes" to fluoride!

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