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Solea Sleep Screening 

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Evaluation

Frequently, snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are mistaken for one another or considered interchangeable. However, the reality is that while all individuals with untreated OSA snore, only a subset of snorers actually have OSA.

The Solea Sleep procedure exclusively addresses snoring and does not target OSA and its associated symptoms. Nonetheless, for individuals diagnosed with or undergoing treatment for OSA, Solea Sleep treatment can still notably enhance sleep quality for both you and your partner by mitigating the negative effects of snoring.

Kindly complete both the Snoring Questionnaire and the Sleep Apnea Screening forms to provide a comprehensive overview of your snoring patterns and symptoms. The results will be forwarded to your Solea Sleep laser specialist for review ahead of your treatment. Additionally, please ensure to complete the Informed Consent form before treatment.

Get Started

Snoring Questionnaire

The first step in the Solea Sleep process is to determine your degree, patterns and symptoms of snoring (3 minutes).

Sleep Apnea Screening

The second step in the Solea Sleep process is to determine your potential risk for OSA. Once complete you will be assessed an OSA score (2 minutes).

Treatment Consent

Please read and submit the Solea Sleep treatment consent form prior to the date of your appointment (5 minutes).

Schedule your Solea Sleep Appointment

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