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Solea Sleep

One of the most efficient and cost-effective remedies for snoring.

Treatment Fees

  • $840 Initial Treatment 

  • $ 0 Secondary Treatment (if needed, 30 days after initial treatment)

  • $725 Maintenance Treatment (recommended every 12 months)

  • * Additional fees may apply and will be paid through the app store for all Snore Tracker app (s)

Financing Options

  • 5% discount if paid in full

  • In-house 0% financing with a $280 deposit and 2 payments of $280

  • Extended terms through third-party financing with Care Credit

Insurance and FSA/HSA

Both dental and medical insurance currently classify snoring treatments, such as Solea Sleep, as elective procedures, meaning they are not covered. However, as the procedure gains wider acceptance, insurance coverage may evolve.

Fortunately, you can utilize pre-tax dollars from your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) towards Solea Sleep treatment. Your FSA/HSA, managed by your employer, allows you to allocate funds throughout the year, typically via payroll deductions. The annual contribution limit is up to $2,700. It's important to note that not all employers provide an FSA option.

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