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Tips for Giving Mouth-Healthy Gifts This Easter

If you want your loved ones to have strong and healthy smiles this Easter holiday, then it’s best to give them gifts that are healthy for the teeth and gums. Unfortunately, there are many gifts that can cause dental issues and dental pain, especially certain types of candy. So, if you’re interested in helping your loved ones have top-notch smiles this Easter, our dentist, Dr. Hetal Rana, encourages you to give the following mouth-healthy Easter gifts:

-Sugar-free candy: Sugar-free candy is much better than sugary candy because it doesn’t promote cavities or other dental issues as you chew it. So, if possible, give your loved ones sugar-free candy. That way they can have yummy Easter treats without putting their smile in danger.

-Sugar-free gum: Giving your loved ones sugar-free gum can help them keep their smiles in tip-top shape. This is because as they chew, they produce saliva. As they produce saliva, bacteria and other harmful substances are washed from the teeth and gums, helping them prevent dental issues.

-An electric toothbrush: Electric toothbrushes are handy oral hygiene tools that make cleaning the smile fun and entertaining. They also make cool sounds and make the mouth feel tingly! So, feel free to give your loved ones electric toothbrushes for Easter.

Call Blue Hill Dental today at 916-774-4499 if you have any questions. Our dental team will be more than happy to tell you all about smile-healthy Easter gifts in Roseville, California. So, don’t be afraid to contact us. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!

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